Specing framework for Ruby

Why should I give it a try?

Simple, stupid

With only 174 LOC built on top of Spectus expectation library, facilities such as benchmarking and mocking are not supported. Fix offers however a consistent DSL to focus your BDD.

True specifications

While specs behave like documents which can be logic-less, their interpretation should not be questioned regardless of the version of Fix preventing from software erosion. Also, Fix specs are compliant with RFC 2119.

Low code complexity

Monkey-patching, magic tricks and friends are not included. Instead, animated by authentic and unmuted Ruby objects, unambiguous, understandable and structured specs are encouraged.

Test in isolation

Rather than a random order option to help finding bugs somewhere (and sometimes luck), Fix prevents from side effects by running each test inside a distinct sub-process. As it behaves like a function, no matter how many times you call it, the build status remains the same.